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Innovative solutions to rural issues

Facilitating pre-commercial development, business partnerships and short supply chains

Facilitating pre-commercial development, business partnerships and short supply chains
  • Projects that link skills and needs together (Skills Banks)
  • Development of new business partnerships or growing existing ones
  • Develop mentoring/ambassador schemes
  • Projects that create an entrepreneurial and innovative culture
  • Projects that enable employment of local people
  • Development of new products or processes
  • Develop and/or build on Powys brands
  • Pilot innovative approaches to supply chain development.
  • Projects using innovative methods of increasing the number of businesses engaging with public and private support services.

Exploring new ways of providing non-statutory local services

Exploring new ways of providing non-statutory local services
  • Piloting news ways of delivering services such as transport
  • Facilitate community engagement and information to identify community resilience and capacity to enable service delivery
  • Projects that build the capacity of local actors to allow them to deliver local services
  • Innovative projects that improve the health and wellbeing of local people
  • Research and visits to other best practice project examples
  • Projects that develop volunteering opportunities and training placements.
  • Support for the development of community hubs.
  • Projects that trial alternative ways of delivering non statutory services.
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Renewable energy at Community level

Renewable energy at Community level
  • Community engagement activities to disseminate renewable energy (RE) information to communities
  • Energy audits to identify hotspot communities for RE or energy efficiency
  • Projects that support the reduction of fuel poverty within the county
  • Projects that use community benefits from RE to alleviate poverty
  • Projects that support businesses to become more energy efficient
  • Projects that utilise natural resources to deliver local solutions.
  • Facilitation of support by communities through mentoring and familiarisation visits.
  • Engagement activities to disseminate RE information to land owners and rural businesses
  • Fuel sourcing from community woodlands.

Exploitation of digital technology

Exploitation of digital technology
  • Projects that increase the uptake of digital technologies within the business and community sectors
  • Projects that use digital technologies to provide services
  • Projects that build on existing web platforms or creates new ones
  • Projects that increase the uptake and usage of digital technology to improve business productivity and effectiveness.
  • Pilot mentoring or buddy schemes to encourage the use of social media.
  • Pilot innovative ways of using new technologies to provide information.

Adding Value to local identity and natural and cultural resources

Adding Value to local identity and natural and cultural resources
  • Projects that make best use of natural assets such as community grown food initiatives or community woodlands
  • Developing new activities related to the natural environment and heritage
  • Building the capacity of events to encourage sustainability
  • Develop ideas to increase the use of the Welsh Language within the outdoor activities sector
  • Develop ideas that link producers, retailers, caterers and visitors and products together
  • Improve the knowledge of the local natural and historical environment of local tourism providers

Farm Diversification

Farm Diversification

The Farm Diversification Scheme was a strategic project under Axis 3 of the Rural Development Plan which was active between 2011 and 2014. The aim of the project was to develop the agricultural sector in Powys into a dynamic and competitive sector.

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Resilient Powys

Resilient Powys

The Resilient Powys Project delivered a programme of support and financial assistance to encourage innovative, bottom up, small scale, business and community-led development initiatives, supporting diversification of the rural economy and improving the quality of life of Powys' citizens. A suite of strategic objectives were identified against which activities will be delivered.

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Sustainable Tourism Powys

Sustainable Tourism Powys

Sustainable Tourism Powys (STP) was an innovative programme delivered by Powys County Council to support and develop tourism in Powys into a dynamic and competitive sector. The project offered a range of support that developed and promoted the tourism offer in Powys including; grants schemes, targeted marketing, business advice and support.

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Home Grown Homes

"Cones to Keys" a feasibility study into getting the best from our timber.

Imagine a project where you can take a seed and plant it. Watch it grow into a tree, nurture it, harvest it and use the wood to build a new family home - all within 150-mile radius. Imagine then lots of trees with lots of people nurturing them, work for harvesting companies and work for new and existing companies making timber frame and modular housing resulting in the creation of many new homes and jobs using new skills.

Arwain LEADER funding supported a project from Powys County Council Housing Department, who worked alongside Wood Knowledge Wales, to undertake a feasibility study with development and scoping work. The project looked into getting the most from Welsh timber, currently a material used for low quality items with a low value price tag.

This project led to a successful bid by the Housing Department for a much bigger project under the Co-operation & Supply Chain Development Scheme. This is funded by Welsh Government funded Rural Communities - Rural Development Programme 2014-2020. They were awarded a grant of £1.5 million which may not have been possible without the early intervention funding from Arwain. The work that Wood Knowledge Wales did in accordance with the Arwain funding ensured that the application contained the relevant aims, objectives, evidence which would be eligible for the Co-operation and Supply Chain funding. The next step for the project is the procurement of the Lead /Delivery partner who will be responsible for delivering the study/research in accordance with the application. The report issued by Wood Knowledge Wales was used in detailing the specification and tendering documentation. The housing department are now in the process of procurement/tendering via the Sell 2 Wales website.RDP Arwain funding - £100,000

Match funding - £25,000

Project total - £125,000

Project start date: 22/8/16

Project end date: 21/8/17

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If you'd like to register your interest in becoming a member of the LAG, please complete the OPLAG Membership EOI Form

To learn more about the work of the OPLAG or to discuss becoming an OPLAG member, please contact:

Louise White, RDP Programme Officer
Tel: 01597 827072/07773 818391
E-mail: louise.white(at)

All enquiries and expressions of interest regarding application for membership will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence and in line with Data Protection legislation.

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